About us

A baby's room is akin to a new beginning, a fresh start for one room in your home.  In deciding on a design for my own first baby's room, I was overwhelmed with ideas, both on the web and in magazines.  As a designer and a new mom I wanted to have this space be 'perfect' for my new little addition.  

I quickly realized that there are soo many options out there and many of them are not easily accessible or budget friendly.  I would have to sift through hundreds of styles to narrow down my search for my one perfect room.  I decided to create a one of kind design business that would offer new moms and dads a one stop shop for easy budget and style friendly designs without spending hundreds of dollars on design fees.  We provide designs that are searchable by your own needs and updated to match current products trending styles.  We have enough to do and worry about on our 'baby to do' list.  I want your nextNursery to be simple and beautiful! 

I have a background in architectural design and want to help you create  a calm and comforting space for your new baby.  the internet is a wonderful resource but can be very daunting when there are soo many images and options available to surf through.  This is where I envision nextNursery will make a big difference.  We want this to be your one stop quick shop for your nextNursery design.  Easily searchable modern designs that are just a few clicks away from being delivered to your home. 


CONTACT ME: info@nextnursery.com