10 Tips for Preparing for your new Baby

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Thinking about getting ready for your new baby can be overwhelming.  There are soo many lists and tips out there that its enough to make a sane girl go crazy!  I've found that there are really only 10 things that I needed to get in order to keep my mind calm and ready to welcome my new baby into this world.

1. Make a list/schedule and stick to it!

That's right.  Make a list of the essentials you need to have in your home and items you need to complete prior to your baby's arrival.  Don't worry! I've got you covered on this one.  

Just input your baby's due date and the calendar checklist will automatically customize to you!!  Now, lets hope that baby comes on time! :)


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2. Get your nursery ready now! 

Even though your little one may not be sleeping in their own room right away, be prepared.  This day will come very soon, and you don't want to be reorganizing your home or hanging pictures at this time.  Its also GREAT to be able to hang out with the baby with all of their toys and books nearby.

Keep it simple and easy.  Find a style that you like, that fits your budget and go for it.  The best part is, you will be ready to add simple pieces to convert to a toddler room in the future. 

3. Set up a diaper changing station in your living room and bedroom!

Trust me, you will be changing diapers ALL OF THE TIME :). So be prepared and have a station set up in each room. This is super easy. Just clear out a drawer or a shelf and start stocking! I used these Drawer Organizers.
diaper changing station

Here are a few other options for you:

Get Healthy!

Now is the time.  If you never made time before, now is the time to eat right, take your vitamins (easier to digest after dinner and before bed) and exercise!  So ask your doctor first, and sign up for prenatal yoga or workout class.  This will help you feel calm and rested as well as prepare you for labor.  Alternately, you can pop in a cd and get to it!  But remember, discuss with your doctor to first!

5. Set up a bulk account to get diapers delivered!

Gone are the days of having to run to the store.  If you set up an account with Amazon, Costco, Diapers.com or any other bulk retailer ahead of time, you can save yourself time.  Lets face it, we need efficiency.   Shipping is nearly free these days so, go on, what are you waiting for? 

6. Prepare 10 make ahead meals

I like to make at least 10 meals that can be eaten for lunch or dinner.  Its easiest to make tray casserole / baked meals for family dinners, and easy hand held items for lunches.  Some great hand held meal snacks can be found at http://www.thevintagemixer.com/2013/09/recipes-for-new-moms/

Some make ahead items ideas are: lasagna, vegetable minestrone soup, beef stew, enchiladas, pot roast, burritos, granola, yogurt granola frozen pops, and many more.  

I love to check out http://www.kitchn.com for recipes too!

7. Have baby clothes ready to go in several sizes!

So the key here is to have some clothes in a couple extra sizes up.  So be sure to have not only 0-3 months but also just a couple 3-6 and 6-12 on hand.  Trust me they grow quickly and its super helpful to have a couple items on hand to throw on when their clothes or pajamas stop fitting.  

organized baby closet with tags

8. Set up your baby announcements ahead of time

If you plan on sending out baby announcements via mail or email, pick them out now!  You will have more time to look through options and wait for a sale for printed cards.  Then all you have to do is add a picture and a name when the baby arrives.  

9. Join a local mom's group TODAY!

Go on facebook and join your local mom group.  Get started before you have your baby!  If you join now you not only get a sense of where you might fit in, but also have a group of great people to ask questions and fall back on when you need it most. 

10. Sign up for infant CPR and take your hospital tour

Doing both of these things will make you feel more educated and ready for the big day.  This will put your mind more at ease to have all of the tools you need ready to go. 

Doing all of the above will calm your nerves and have you prepared to welcome your new baby into your arms!