DIY Stuffed Animal Storage

How to turn  your stuffed animal collection into a statement peice for your baby's nursery.

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Does your child’s room look it’s been run over by stuffed creatures?! For a long time I just had all of the stuffed animals siting in the corner of my son’s room on the floor.  This lasted about a day (or probably a few hours) before all of the stuffies ended up all over the floor.  I had to find a solutions that didn’t involve tossing out all of the animals (which is what I would want to do!). So without further ado, here is my roundup of what I feel are the TWO most unique ways to store stuffed animals and get them off of the bed and all over the floor. You will be amazed at how much larger a room will look if you just take things off of the floor!


  1. Coat Hooks and Baskets

    I love the look of baskets on hooks! Stuffed animals, or toys of all kinds can be hung in this manner.  If you hang them around three feet high, they can be easily accessible by your little one for playtime. The best part about this one is that if my son runs out of basket space, he has to donate one toy to make room for another!  This option takes the toys off of the floor and utilizes the wall space with is usually underutilized. Signage and wall decals can be added to label each basket.

I saw a great diy recently where a mom used metal planter boxes and affixed them to the wall.  I thought that was a great idea and similar to using individual baskets.  You can find her post here for a tutorial on how to put this together here.    This will be a more permanent fixture in the room, as apposed to baskets which can be used for multiple purposes.  Cute none-the-less, and definitely gets the stuffies off the bed and off the floor!

  1. Bean Bag cover storage.

    So you may be thinking “this sits on the floor and takes up space!”.  Why yes it does! However, you can place this near a bookcase or shelving and create a great little reading nook for your little one.  No one will ever know that you store all of their little creatures  in that cute little bean bag.  The best part about this solution is that they will remain dust free! Your little ones can take them out as needed and put them right back in to create a cozy corner.

If you are looking for a quick and easy DIY, check out this one here! I just love this idea!!



You’ll notice that I do not suggest using a large stuffed animal cage or cabinet.  The reason for this is that it just allows your kids to accumulate WAY TOO MANY stuffed creatures. These storage units are huge and take of lots of space and I don’t feel like anyone needs to have 100 stuffed animals!
That’s my opinion anyway.