Complete Nursery Design

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Complete Nursery Design


We can provide one on one personal consultation regardless of your location.  You will work directly with our nextNursery designer via our design request form.  The design request form will guide you through key questions to help us understand your design intent.  Your designer will create a room around existing furniture or keepsakes that you may want to incorporate into the design of the space.  Overall budgets are also kept in mind when working with clients on custom spaces.  


1.   Fill out custom design request and send us any photographs of furniture you would like to keep/ use along with a photograph of the room.

2.  Within 7 business days you will receive 2 different concept design boards with 6-8 products and paint color choices. 

3.  Use the links on your personal concept board page to purchase pieces and curate your new room!

Now, lets get started!

This is a basic service to provide a custom concept board for your new nursery.  We do not provide layouts, dimensions or work back and forth with you during this process.  We take the information given to us per the design request form and deliver an end product of a concept board for you use to purchase furniture and design products to curate your room.   If you would like more customization and scale layouts of the space, please see E-design. 



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Deliverable:  2 design board alternates - Design boards will be custom created in response to your personal design request form.  They will not be boards which are already available on

Product choices - You will have the opportunity to influence in the choice of up to 9 products (furniture and accessories) for the room.  Paint or wall paper will also be given. 

Please allow up to 1 week to receive your two design boards